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Alan Mizuta


The 2400’grass airstrip at DSCA is one of the main assets of the community.  Volunteer labor maintains the runway surface, windsocks, lighting, and adjacent rights of way, the airfield “terminal” and equipment shed for safety and to ensure compliance with all codes and requirements. The committee is also responsible for establishing and updating the Airport policies as needed.


Paul Grant

DSCA was created as a residential waterfront community.  Guidelines, restrictions and CCR’s were developed to protect both the character of the community and the unique island environment within which the community is located. Committee members oversee building projects to ensure compliance with these guidelines, codes and restrictions, as well as state and local codes.


Pat O’Hara – Co Chair
Steve Roehls – Co-Chair

Steve –
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The DSCA dock is another main asset of the community. Committee members oversee its maintenance, both short term (weather protection, repair) and long term (replacements and upgrades), as well as ensuring usage compliance by member homeowners and their guests. The committee is also responsible for establishing and updating our Dock Policies as needed.

Water System

Christian Dahl

9314 227th Ave. E.

Buckley, Wa 98321-7433

(425) 478-2514

(253) 260-2056


DSCA is fortunate to own and operate its own water system. Committee members maintain the safety and viability of the system, recommend rates and hookup fees, conduct required testing and ensure compliance with all state and local codes. The water committee has the option of having its own user  meetings, when warranted, and its finances are kept separate from the Association.

DSCA Cross Connection Control Sept. 2011

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Mark Dupar

Decatur Island


Several miles of private roads require regular maintenance and oversight, including proper drainage into a system of ditches and culverts. Committee members oversee this effort, as well as coordinate with San Juan County officials for the regular maintenance of any county roads adjacent to DSCA boundaries. Resurfacing, clearing ditches of overgrowth and trees, replacing culverts, adding signage and re-grading to improve drainage all fall under the duties of this committee. (Property owners are encouraged to keep the boundaries of their property that abut our road and drainage system free of vegetation in order to reduce the maintenance required by the association.)


Website Chair:  Ken Thomas


A DSCA website was created and is maintained as a central location for communications and information important to members. Committee members provide oversight of this resource and aid in making it a reflection of members’ needs and a conduit for feedback with the membership.


Gail Dupar

Decatur Island

Anacortes, Wa 98221-9402

DSCA has approximately 3000 feet of shoreline held in common by all members. The Park Committee provides required maintenance and ensures that usage of this shoreline is in keeping with all DSCA, state and local codes. Here too, the Park committee is responsible to establish and update our Park Policies and rules for usage by members for private functions