About DSCA | decaturshores.com

Decatur Shores Community was created as a private waterfront community for homeowners wishing to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of Washington State’s unique San Juan Islands.

Platted on acreage centered around Reads Bay on the southwest side of Decatur Island in the 1960s, it was envisioned as a recreational getaway for those with their own air or marine transportation. A 280 foot dock with float, and a 2400’ grass airstrip provide ease of access for member homeowners wanting a weekend or holiday refuge, or a place to retire. Today, the community is also accessible by air service and taxi boat from the mainland.

The pristine beauty of its natural surroundings, approximately 3000 feet of shoreline, and fresh water from its own artesian well create the perfect getaway. The setting offers thickly wooded forest, open meadow, rocky shoreline, salt water marshland and open beach, with an accompanying variety of wildlife, from the majestic Bald Eagle and Great Blue Heron, to Sea Otters, Harbor Seals and an indigenous species of deer.

It is highly valued by its residents for its clean, pollution free air where peace and tranquility reign. Residents are treated to crab, oysters, salmon, cod and many other fish in the surrounding waters. Decatur Island is in the dry belt, having an average of only 18-20 inches of rainfall per year. As a result, the gardens just add to the beautiful place that is Decatur Island.